Thursday, March 26, 2009

Napa Valley Mustard Festival 2009

I spent much of last week working on my photos for the Napa Valley Mustard Festival Photo Contest. It seems like no matter how much planning I do, I'm still doing a lot of it last minute. I spent Friday night mounting the photos that I had printed and picked up on Wednesday. I use a local shop called Sarber's to print my photos. They do a wonderful job, and typically I can pick up the prints the next day. Every single print was perfect this year.

Saturday morning was spent putting the frames and mats together, and filling out the paperwork. (Yet one more thing I could have done beforehand). Kelley and I drove up to Mumm around noon to drop off the photos and the paperwork and purchase our tickets for the Photo Finish the next Saturday. Then we headed back down the Silverado Trail for The Taste of Yountville.

I never really expect for anything to come of my entries. Winning something would be nice, but really, I think it's pretty cool that my photos get to hang on the walls of the Mumm gallery for a month afterward. I was thrilled then to receive the following email on Wednesday:

    From: Amber McCann-Howlett
    Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:51:11 PM
    Subject: Napa Valley Mustard Festival Photography Contest

    Congratulations Andre!

    One of your photographs has been recognized by the judges! This means either first, second, third, honorable mention, or sub-category - we can't tell you which!

    We will have a ticket to the Photo Finish for you at the door. The event begins at 7 pm, Saturday, March 28. We hope to see you there!

    If you have already purchased a ticket - bring a friend!

    If you need additional tickets, you can call 707-938-1133 or go online at and purchase them at $95 each. Tickets will be $125 at the door.

    Congratulations again!

    Best regards,

    Amber McCann-Howlett
    Summers-McCann, Inc. Public Relations

I had three entries, but I'm not sure which one was recognized. I'm hoping it's "Mile Marker 12", since it's my favorite, but I'll be happy no matter which one it is. Below are my three entries to the 2009 Napa Valley Mustard Festival Photo Contest. If you're going to the Photo Finish, please stop me and say hello! All of the contest photos will be on display and for sale at Mumm Napa Valley until May 1st. I highly recommend you stop by to view them, it's quite a site to see a gallery full of beautiful images of Napa in bloom!

Mile Marker 12Block 2

Balloons Over Yountville

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 Challenge: 61/365 - Joy

2009 Challenge: 61/365 - Joy, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.