Thursday, December 13, 2007

Homage to Thomas Hawk

Homage to TH

This photo was inspired by one of my favorite photos by Thomas Hawk. You can see it here.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Lights

Holiday Skyline

The Embarcadero Center is only lit up during the holidays. Frankly, I wish they'd just leave them on year-round because they really add to the skyline. I went out to Treasure Island last weekend to take a few of these shots. This one turned out the best.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Downtown, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

The view from the 28th Floor of the AAA building in the Civic Center area of San Francisco

Thursday, August 16, 2007

iPhone Bill as big as a phone book

There's a seperate clip where she actually mentions that the total bill is $274, including activation charges, taxes, etc. What created this huge bill is all the detail for the text messages she sent, which she says she averages about 35 thousand, THOUSAND, text messages a month. WTF??? At what point do you decide to never call anyone and just text them a conversation? That's an absurd amount of texting, I'm sorry. She's a blogger, and she doesn't use the internet? I just don't understand how that even happens. That's an average of over 1,000 text messages a day. how does she have time to do anything else?

The video is actually pretty good, and makes a decent point to switch to an ebill. I personally try and ebill as many bills as I can, and even with Sprint, I have them ebill me the summarized, not the detailed bill. For me, the more I can pay online the better off I am. I use a service called Checkfree that manages about a third of my bills. I wish it could handle more, but it requires the vendor to sign up with them, and not all companies have (PG&E being the one I'd like to add the most). I haven't written an actual check in a really long time, because even if I need to send a check, I go to my online banking and have them issue the check. It's been so long, that the last time I tried to write a check, I grab checks from a closed account. Doh!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

Kelley and I were rewarded with this spectacular view on an early morning hike of Diamond Head in Oahu. Luckily we were still on California time, so getting up at 6am was no big deal for us. The hike looked more intimidating than it really was, and we made in to the top in about 25 minutes. The hike itself was very interesting with great views of the crater, the lighthouse, and some interesting stairways and tunnels. I highly recommend going early in the morning though. By the time we got back to the car a little after 8am, it was already in the mid-80s and climbing, not to mention the tourbuses starting dumping lots of people off at the trailhead. It's also a hike I'd probably do again when we go back, though there's also the Makapuu lighthouse hike I'd like to get to, which we cancelled after a long day of driving the North Shore and snorkeling at Sharks Cove.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks Flower

Fireworks Flower, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

The wife and I went to Treasure Island to watch the fireworks last night. Big Mistake. Far too many people, and far too windy. You think I would have learned from the KFOG show that the wind pretty much screws you no matter what you do. This shot was nearly perfect. A little better framing, and no squiggles would have been great. But seeing as the front page of the Chronicle today had a shot that was a squiggly too, I guess I didn't do that bad. The biggest regret I had last night was not making sure the car was filled up with gas as we sat in traffic for nearly ninety minutes (yes 9-0) trying to get off the island. We ended up going into the city to get gas, then headed back to Berkeley. All told it took us about 2 hours to get home which is about 10 miles away. I will never, ever again go to TI to shoot the fireworks ever again. I'll stick to the Berkeley Marina, especially since I couldn't get a nice background like I could at KFOG.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ocean's 13

As George Clooney has said, this is definitely the one they should have made last time. Still not nearly as good as the original. Decent action and some memorable lines. The best line is when is Matt Damon refers to Ellen Barkin as a "cougar" then says "what? I read about it in Maxim magazine." Hilarious. What I like about the Oceans movies is that they don't try to pretend to be anything they're not. It's a caper movie, pure and simple. There's always a twist at the end, but it's not a real shocker, and most people probably can figure it out. It's a fun movie, some laughs, a little action, and thoroughly enjoyable. If you're looking for a good summer movie, I'd recommend this one.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cramer on Conan

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Cramer is seriously demented, and Conan plays it perfectly.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hockey Monkey

Kelley and I really liked this new show on Fox called "The Loop". We thought it was cancelled, but low and behold, two new episodes showed up on our TiVo this past week. WooHoo!! The show's pretty funny, and the cast is great. It's moved up the board to keep company with the likes of Entourage and How I Met Your Mother.

Anyways, the theme song is this great little ditty by a band called the Zambonis. Have a listen and add "The Loop" to your TiVo season pass!

The iPhone

Apparently NBC has realized their programming sucks, so they've started publishing NBC clips on Youtube instead of asking them to be taken down. This one seems appropriate given the hype of the shortly to be released iPhone. I haven't found SNL to be particlarly funny in years, but lately I've found they'll have one or two sketches a week that are pretty funny.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


#747, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

Barry hits number 747 while I'm hanging out at Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. Some Giants fan I am! AT&T Park is the blown out light mass to the left of the bridge. I also have this one in a vertical orientaion, which I think I like a little better. It will eventually be up on

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Black and White

Untitled, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

Took this on a weekend trip to Point Reyes. I like it in Black and White, but I'm struggling for a title. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


KFOG KaBoom, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

Kelley and I went over to Treasure Island on Saturday to watch the fireworks. We stopped at Trader Vics along the way for dinner and drinks then headed out a little more than an hour before the show to scope out good viewing locations. We found one up at the top of Yerba Beuna Island with a great view of the Bay Bridge. We decided against it, though as you can see from Canbalci's shot here, it was still a great spot to view the fireworks. We may go there next year.

So instead, we headed back down to Treasure Island and set up near the pier that juts into the water. The wind made it pretty cold, but we both brought hats, so it wasn't that bad. The fireworks were spectacular, as well as the soundtrack, but my photos were only so so. This one came out the best, as most of them had squiggles resulting from camera shake as the wind blew.

I learned a few lessons about photography this weekend, most notably, that once you take the memory card out to download your shots, make sure you put one back in. We went for a hike on Sunday morning, but my memory card was in the card reader, not in the camera. I also learned to double check my ISO settings. I was handholding some shots and upped the ISO to 800, but forgot to set it back down to 100, so I think some shots could have been salvaged, but instead they were blown out. All in all, a decent photo weekend. I converted this shot to black and white and have an 8x10 coming so I can frame it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Ex

Here's the trailer to Zach Braff's latest movie. I wasn't a big fan of The Last Kiss, as I think seeing the original ruined it a little for me. This looks pretty funny, so I'm excited to see it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pier 28

Pier 28, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

Taken on our walk from Market Street to AT&T Park on the 6th. Beautiful blue sky, thought the contrast was nice. Used a circular polarizer to get the really deep blue.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

HIMYM - Barney & Marshall sing "Confrontation"

Never thought Les Mis was particularly funny, but this is just hilarious ...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vegas, Baby!!

Blue Swirl, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

KM and I took a passed due trip out to Sin City with a couple friends this past weekend. It was the first time we had been out there together in 5 years, despite each of us having been many times without the other. We had a great trip, managed to leave with my wallet a little heavier than when we arrived, and had some great food.

We flew in Friday morning, checked into the hotel and spent the afternoon wandering around Mandalay Bay and wandered over to the MGM after lunch. Friday night was a fabulous dinner at Aquaknox at the Venetian. Everything was delicious, from the Oysters and steamed clams down to the John Dory and the "Smore's" dessert. We later headed back to the hotel, met up with CJ and CW, then headed down to the craps tables. 2 hours and $300 more, and we called it a night around 4am.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Worst Opening Pitch Ever

Thanks to Jeff Erickson of rotowire for pointing this out. The look on Eric Davis' face is priceless.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Latest Baseball Draft

Overview: It's a 12 team, 5x5 hosted on Sportsline, I had the 11th pick (WHIP It Good). I've never drafted with these guys before, but everyone is a member at the same website, so I knew most everyone's plan before going in. Draft for scarcity (ie Middle infielders) and counting stats, and worry about pitching in the later rounds.

My own Critique: I screwed the pooch, I think, by taking Carpenter and Oswalt in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Its something I usually don't do, but given my choices at Short, and knowing I'd be able to get Barfield for my 2B, I gambled that Bill Hall might make it back to me in the 5th. I was dead wrong and scrapped all my plans at that point. I have some serious issues at 1st and in the OF, but otherwise I feel pretty good about how I picked through the scraps.

I think I ended up with a pretty decent team, but take a look and let me know what I SHOULD have done instead of what I DID do. I'm interested to hear your opinions!

Draft Results
Round 1
1Frozen RopesAlbert Pujols (1B STL)
2UnforgivenJose B. Reyes (SS NYM)
3Substandard DeviantsAlfonso Soriano (OF CHC)
4ScurvyDogsChase Utley (2B PHI)
5SoxJohan Santana (P MIN)
6Mark StanleyAlex Rodriguez (3B NYY)
7Mizzle WizzleMiguel M. Cabrera (3B FLA)
8Tom KephartDavid Ortiz (U BOS)
9Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesRyan Howard (1B PHI)
10KenaleiZdurgCarlos Beltran (OF NYM)
11WHIP It GoodCarl Crawford (OF TB)
12Got BeerDerek Jeter (SS NYY)
Round 2
13Got BeerMark Teixeira (1B TEX)
14WHIP It GoodDavid Wright (3B NYM)
15KenaleiZdurgVladimir Guerrero (OF ANA)
16Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesTravis Hafner (U CLE)
17Tom KephartMatt Holliday (OF COL)
18Mizzle WizzleIchiro Suzuki (OF SEA)
19Mark StanleyManny Ramirez (OF BOS)
20SoxGrady Sizemore (OF CLE)
21ScurvyDogsHanley Ramirez (SS FLA)
22Substandard DeviantsJimmy Rollins (SS PHI)
23UnforgivenLance Berkman (1B HOU)
24Frozen RopesAramis Ramirez (3B CHC)
Round 3
25Frozen RopesRafael Furcal (SS LA)
26UnforgivenBobby Abreu (OF NYY)
27Substandard DeviantsCarlos N. Lee (OF HOU)
28ScurvyDogsAndruw Jones (OF ATL)
29SoxDerrek Lee (1B CHC)
30Mark StanleyMiguel Tejada (SS BAL)
31Mizzle WizzleMichael Young (SS TEX)
32Tom KephartPaul Konerko (1B CHW)
33Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesJason Bay (OF PIT)
34KenaleiZdurgJustin Morneau (1B MIN)
35WHIP It GoodChris Carpenter (P STL)
36Got BeerFrancisco Rodriguez (P ANA)
Round 4
37Got BeerGarrett Atkins (3B COL)
38WHIP It GoodRoy Oswalt (P HOU)
39KenaleiZdurgBrian Roberts (2B BAL)
40Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesJuan Pierre (OF LA)
41Tom KephartVernon Wells (OF TOR)
42Mizzle WizzleRobinson Cano (2B NYY)
43Mark StanleyJoe Mauer (C MIN)
44SoxJake Peavy (P SD)
45ScurvyDogsBilly Wagner (P NYM)
46Substandard DeviantsBill Hall (SS MIL)
47UnforgivenJermaine Dye (OF CHW)
48Frozen RopesJoe Nathan (P MIN)
Round 5
49Frozen RopesB.J. Ryan (P TOR)
50UnforgivenMariano Rivera (P NYY)
51Substandard DeviantsPrince Fielder (1B MIL)
52ScurvyDogsCarlos Delgado (1B NYM)
53SoxJonathan Papelbon (P BOS)
54Mark StanleyTodd Helton (1B COL)
55Mizzle WizzleHideki Matsui (OF NYY)
56Tom KephartCarlos Guillen (SS DET)
57Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesHuston Street (P OAK)
58KenaleiZdurgJohnny Damon (OF NYY)
59WHIP It GoodVictor J. Martinez (C CLE)
60Got BeerJ.J. Putz (P SEA)
Round 6
61Got BeerBrian McCann (C ATL)
62WHIP It GoodRyan Zimmerman (3B WAS)
63KenaleiZdurgFrancisco Cordero (P MIL)
64Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesBen Sheets (P MIL)
65Tom KephartTorii Hunter (OF MIN)
66Mizzle WizzleBobby Jenks (P CHW)
67Mark StanleyAdam Dunn (OF CIN)
68SoxDaisuke Matsuzaka (P BOS)
69ScurvyDogsBrandon Webb (P ARI)
70Substandard DeviantsChad Cordero (P WAS)
71UnforgivenRoy Halladay (P TOR)
72Frozen RopesJim Thome (U CHW)
Round 7
73Frozen RopesMike Cameron (OF SD)
74UnforgivenCorey Patterson (OF BAL)
75Substandard DeviantsJeremy Bonderman (P DET)
76ScurvyDogsRichie Sexson (1B SEA)
77SoxFelipe Lopez (SS WAS)
78Mark StanleyCarlos Zambrano (P CHC)
79Mizzle WizzleAlex Rios (OF TOR)
80Tom KephartFelix Hernandez (P SEA)
81Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesChone Figgins (OF ANA)
82KenaleiZdurgJulio Lugo (SS BOS)
83WHIP It GoodJosh Barfield (2B CLE)
84Got BeerHowie Kendrick (2B ANA)
Round 8
85Got BeerCole Hamels (P PHI)
86WHIP It GoodGary Sheffield (OF DET)
87KenaleiZdurgTrevor Hoffman (P SD)
88Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesEdgar Renteria (SS ATL)
89Tom KephartIan Kinsler (2B TEX)
90Mizzle WizzleDelmon Young (OF TB)
91Mark StanleyBrad Lidge (P HOU)
92SoxJohn Lackey (P ANA)
93ScurvyDogsCoco Crisp (OF BOS)
94Substandard DeviantsAlex Gordon (3B KC)
95UnforgivenTroy Glaus (3B TOR)
96Frozen RopesAubrey Huff (1B BAL)
Round 9
97Frozen RopesBrett Myers (P PHI)
98UnforgivenAaron Harang (P CIN)
99Substandard DeviantsChris Ray (P BAL)
100ScurvyDogsTom Gordon (P PHI)
101SoxScott Rolen (3B STL)
102Mark StanleyRickie Weeks (2B MIL)
103Mizzle WizzleAdrian Gonzalez (1B SD)
104Tom KephartEdwin Encarnacion (3B CIN)
105Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesAdam A. LaRoche (1B PIT)
106KenaleiZdurgJeff Kent (2B LA)
107WHIP It GoodFreddy Sanchez (3B PIT)
108Got BeerScott Kazmir (P TB)
Round 10
109Got BeerDan Haren (P OAK)
110WHIP It GoodJose Valverde (P ARI)
111KenaleiZdurgJason Giambi (1B NYY)
112Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesNick Swisher (OF OAK)
113Tom KephartMichael Barrett (C CHC)
114Mizzle WizzleErik Bedard (P BAL)
115Mark StanleyRich Harden (P OAK)
116SoxCurt Schilling (P BOS)
117ScurvyDogsMatt Cain (P SF)
118Substandard DeviantsWilly Taveras (OF COL)
119UnforgivenJohn Smoltz (P ATL)
120Frozen RopesChris B. Young (OF ARI)
Round 11
121Frozen RopesJosh Beckett (P BOS)
122UnforgivenLyle Overbay (1B TOR)
123Substandard DeviantsJason Schmidt (P LA)
124ScurvyDogsRocco Baldelli (OF TB)
125SoxStephen O. Drew (SS ARI)
126Mark StanleyBrandon Phillips (2B CIN)
127Mizzle WizzleRamon Hernandez (C BAL)
128Tom KephartMike Piazza (C OAK)
129Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesOrlando Cabrera (SS ANA)
130KenaleiZdurgC.C. Sabathia (P CLE)
131WHIP It GoodDan Uggla (2B FLA)
132Got BeerJosh Willingham (OF FLA)
Round 12
133Got BeerJ.D. Drew (OF BOS)
134WHIP It GoodBrian Fuentes (P COL)
135KenaleiZdurgJorge Posada (C NYY)
136Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesTakashi Saito (P LA)
137Tom KephartMichael Cuddyer (OF MIN)
138Mizzle WizzleDave Bush (P MIL)
139Mark StanleyJason Isringhausen (P STL)
140SoxAdrian Beltre (3B SEA)
141ScurvyDogsFrank Thomas (U TOR)
142Substandard DeviantsJered Weaver (P ANA)
143UnforgivenKenji Johjima (C SEA)
144Frozen RopesIvan Rodriguez (C DET)
Round 13
145Frozen RopesOrlando Hudson (2B ARI)
146UnforgivenTadahito Iguchi (2B CHW)
147Substandard DeviantsEric Gagne (P TEX)
148ScurvyDogsChris R. Young (P SD)
149SoxRussell Martin (C LA)
150Mark StanleyChipper Jones (3B ATL)
151Mizzle WizzleOctavio Dotel (P KC)
152Tom KephartA.J. Burnett (P TOR)
153Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesBrad Hawpe (OF COL)
154KenaleiZdurgNick Markakis (OF BAL)
155WHIP It GoodConor Jackson (1B ARI)
156Got BeerMark Teahen (3B KC)
Round 14
157Got BeerMagglio Ordonez (OF DET)
158WHIP It GoodRyan Dempster (P CHC)
159KenaleiZdurgMorgan Ensberg (3B HOU)
160Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesMike Mussina (P NYY)
161Tom KephartRay Durham (2B SF)
162Mizzle WizzleTy Wigginton (1B TB)
163Mark StanleyPat Burrell (OF PHI)
164SoxBob Wickman (P ATL)
165ScurvyDogsScott Olsen (P FLA)
166Substandard DeviantsCarlos Quentin (OF ARI)
167UnforgivenJavier Vazquez (P CHW)
168Frozen RopesJeff Francoeur (OF ATL)
Round 15
169Frozen RopesBronson Arroyo (P CIN)
170UnforgivenAkinori Otsuka (P TEX)
171Substandard DeviantsRyan P. Freel (OF CIN)
172ScurvyDogsIan Snell (P PIT)
173SoxRaul Ibanez (OF SEA)
174Mark StanleyJustin Verlander (P DET)
175Mizzle WizzleAndy Pettitte (P NYY)
176Tom KephartJoe Crede (3B CHW)
177Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesRandy Johnson (P ARI)
178KenaleiZdurgDave Roberts (OF SF)
179WHIP It GoodAdam Wainwright (P STL)
180Got BeerLuis Castillo (2B MIN)
Round 16
181Got BeerRyan Shealy (1B KC)
182WHIP It GoodBarry Zito (P SF)
183KenaleiZdurgKelvim Escobar (P ANA)
184Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesJorge Julio (P FLA)
185Tom KephartJohn Patterson (P WAS)
186Mizzle WizzleAnthony Reyes (P STL)
187Mark StanleyJoe Borowski (P CLE)
188SoxBarry Bonds (OF SF)
189ScurvyDogsAaron Rowand (OF PHI)
190Substandard DeviantsRich Hill (P CHC)
191UnforgivenSalomon Torres (P PIT)
192Frozen RopesScott Podsednik (OF CHW)
Round 17
193Frozen RopesTodd Jones (P DET)
194UnforgivenRich Aurilia (3B SF)
195Substandard DeviantsBoof Bonser (P MIN)
196ScurvyDogsCraig Monroe (OF DET)
197SoxAustin Kearns (OF WAS)
198Mark StanleyDontrelle Willis (P FLA)
199Mizzle WizzleTim Hudson (P ATL)
200Tom KephartMoises Alou (OF NYM)
201Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesA.J. Pierzynski (C CHW)
202KenaleiZdurgNomar Garciaparra (1B LA)
203WHIP It GoodEric Byrnes (OF ARI)
204Got BeerDerek Lowe (P LA)
Round 18
205Got BeerJoel Zumaya (P DET)
206WHIP It GoodKhalil Greene (SS SD)
207KenaleiZdurgTed Lilly (P CHC)
208Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesArmando Benitez (P SF)
209Tom KephartJames Shields (P TB)
210Mizzle WizzleAdam Loewen (P BAL)
211Mark StanleyDustin Hermanson (P CIN)
212SoxB.J. Upton (3B TB)
213ScurvyDogsChad Tracy (3B ARI)
214Substandard DeviantsErvin Santana (P ANA)
215UnforgivenKevin Millwood (P TEX)
216Frozen RopesChris Capuano (P MIL)
Round 19
217Frozen RopesPlacido Polanco (2B DET)
218UnforgivenChris Burke (2B HOU)
219Substandard DeviantsMarcus Giles (2B SD)
220ScurvyDogsKelly Johnson (2B ATL)
221SoxKenny Lofton (OF TEX)
222Mark StanleyChris Duffy (OF PIT)
223Mizzle WizzleJonathan Broxton (P LA)
224Tom KephartGreg Maddux (P SD)
225Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesEric Chavez (3B OAK)
226KenaleiZdurgChuck H. James (P ATL)
227WHIP It GoodGary Matthews (OF ANA)
228Got BeerJason Kubel (OF MIN)
Round 20
229Got BeerBrad Penny (P LA)
230WHIP It GoodCasey Kotchman (1B ANA)
231KenaleiZdurgRandy Wolf (P LA)
232Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesPedro Martinez (P NYM)
233Tom KephartNate Robertson (P DET)
234Mizzle WizzleKevin Kouzmanoff (3B SD)
235Mark StanleyBrian Giles (OF SD)
236SoxTom Glavine (P NYM)
237ScurvyDogsVicente Padilla (P TEX)
238Substandard DeviantsMike Jacobs (1B FLA)
239UnforgivenScot Shields (P ANA)
240Frozen RopesAdam Eaton (P PHI)
Round 21
241Frozen RopesDavid DeJesus (OF KC)
242UnforgivenCorey C. Hart (OF MIL)
243Substandard DeviantsMatt Murton (OF CHC)
244ScurvyDogsDaniel Cabrera (P BAL)
245SoxJacque Jones (OF CHC)
246Mark StanleyGerald Laird (C TEX)
247Mizzle WizzleHank Blalock (3B TEX)
248Tom KephartTom S. Gorzelanny (P PIT)
249Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesClaudio Vargas (P MIL)
250KenaleiZdurgDan Wheeler (P HOU)
251WHIP It GoodShane Victorino (OF PHI)
252Got BeerDavid Dellucci (OF CLE)
Round 22
253Got BeerBob Howry (P CHC)
254WHIP It GoodScott Linebrink (P SD)
255KenaleiZdurgJose A. Contreras (P CHW)
256Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesBengie Molina (C SF)
257Tom KephartAnibal Sanchez (P FLA)
258Mizzle WizzleRyan Church (OF WAS)
259Mark StanleyCurtis Granderson (OF DET)
260SoxJason Varitek (C BOS)
261ScurvyDogsJohnny Estrada (C MIL)
262Substandard DeviantsChris Iannetta (C COL)
263UnforgivenPaul Lo Duca (C NYM)
264Frozen RopesMike Napoli (C ANA)
Round 23
265Frozen RopesDoug Davis (P ARI)
266UnforgivenShea Hillenbrand (1B ANA)
267Substandard DeviantsChris Duncan (OF STL)
268ScurvyDogsJosh Bard (C SD)
269SoxJake Westbrook (P CLE)
270Mark StanleyFreddy An. Garcia (P PHI)
271Mizzle WizzleDavid Ross (C CIN)
272Tom KephartRafael Soriano (P ATL)
273Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesJorge L. Cantu (2B TB)
274KenaleiZdurgJason Kendall (C OAK)
275WHIP It GoodRonny Paulino (C PIT)
276Got BeerGregg Zaun (C TOR)
Round 24
277Got BeerZach Duke (P PIT)
278WHIP It GoodJason Jennings (P HOU)
279KenaleiZdurgJose Guillen (OF SEA)
280Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesChien-Ming Wang (P NYY)
281Tom KephartWes Helms (3B PHI)
282Mizzle WizzleTroy Tulowitzki (SS COL)
283Mark StanleyPat Neshek (P MIN)
284SoxJose Lopez (2B SEA)
285ScurvyDogsBobby Crosby (SS OAK)
286Substandard DeviantsJonny J. Gomes (U TB)
287UnforgivenMark DeRosa (2B CHC)
288Frozen RopesBrandon McCarthy (P TEX)
Round 25
289Frozen RopesKen Griffey (OF CIN)
290UnforgivenJeremy Hermida (OF FLA)
291Substandard DeviantsRod Barajas (C PHI)
292ScurvyDogsMelvin Mora (3B BAL)
293SoxKevin Youkilis (1B BOS)
294Mark StanleyMike Pelfrey (P NYM)
295Mizzle WizzleMatt Garza (P MIN)
296Tom KephartBrad B. Wilkerson (OF TEX)
297Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesNelson R. Cruz (OF TEX)
298KenaleiZdurgAl Reyes (P TB)
299WHIP It GoodClay Hensley (P SD)
300Got BeerDan Johnson (1B OAK)
Round 26
301Got BeerJustin Duchscherer (P OAK)
302WHIP It GoodJim Edmonds (OF STL)
303KenaleiZdurgZack Greinke (P KC)
304Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesChad Billingsley (P LA)
305Tom KephartRyan Theriot (2B CHC)
306Mizzle WizzleErick Aybar (SS ANA)
307Mark StanleyCliff Lee (P CLE)
308SoxJohn Maine (P NYM)
309ScurvyDogsMilton Bradley (OF OAK)
310Substandard DeviantsMatt D. Capps (P PIT)
311UnforgivenOliver Perez (P NYM)
312Frozen RopesKei Igawa (P NYY)
Round 27
313Frozen RopesJay Gibbons (OF BAL)
314UnforgivenMark Prior (P CHC)
315Substandard DeviantsSammy Sosa (OF TEX)
316ScurvyDogsWily Mo Pena (OF BOS)
317SoxMike Gonzalez (P ATL)
318Mark StanleyNick Punto (3B MIN)
319Mizzle WizzleHomer Bailey (P CIN)
320Tom KephartTim Lincecum (P SF)
321Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesWade Miller (P CHC)
322KenaleiZdurgKip Wells (P STL)
323WHIP It GoodBartolo Colon (P ANA)
324Got BeerLuke Scott (OF HOU)
Round 28
325Got BeerFernando Rodney (P DET)
326WHIP It GoodScott Hairston (OF ARI)
327KenaleiZdurgOrlando Hernandez (P NYM)
328Kerosenedan's Hot TamalesJohn Danks (P CHW)
329Tom KephartJeremy Sowers (P CLE)
330Mizzle WizzleAdam Lind (OF TOR)
331Mark StanleyGarret Anderson (OF ANA)
332SoxCasey Blake (OF CLE)
333ScurvyDogsShawn Hill (P WAS)
334Substandard DeviantsJames Loney (1B LA)
335UnforgivenJhonny Peralta (SS CLE)
336Frozen RopesOmar Vizquel (SS SF)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Top young hurlers always seem to top people’s wishlists during draft season. Last year was an explosion of young pitchers making an impact in the majors. The amount of talent that was successful was unparalleled to previous years. Justin Verlander, Francisco Liriano, Jered Weaver, Cole Hamels and a bunch of other young arms help determined the winners of many fantasy leagues last year. Now, a year later, how will these guys survive the sophomore slump? It’s anyone guess, but a significant portion of these guys along with a bunch of younger “veterans” saw a significant increase in innings pitched. Will it lead to an injury this year? Will it contribute to a “sophomore slump”? It’s one factor out of many, but one that can be an indicator to a poorer performance the following year.

From 2004 to 2005 there were 15 starting pitchers under the ageof 30 who saw an increase of innings pitched of a least 40. Of those, seven had decreases in value in 2006. Of those seven, four of those had what wouldbe considered significant decreases in value. Here are the four pitchers who appear to be the most effected by significant workload increases:




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Patterson, the TGR poster-child in 2005 for sleeper pitchers, spent most of the season on the DL managing only 8 starts. The other three posted promising seasons in2005, but were major disappointments in 2006, even though the expectations werenot as high as Patterson. 25% of thepitchers who saw workload increases in 2005, disappointed in 2006, while almost50% actually saw a decrease in value. While this is only one years worth of data, thetrend also exists in 2003 and in 2004. Some names from those years? How about Mark Prior, Brad Penny, Eric Milton, and Byung Yung Kim? All promising arms, all ran into into injury issues the year after a significant increase ininnings.

The pool of players to watch in 2007 is exactly the same size, 15. The major difference is that the numbers of increased innings pitched is significantly higher this year., and the names and pedigrees are significantly higher. Francisco Liriano has already succumbed to Tommy John surgery, but that may have more to do with his jump from 156 innings in 2004 to 192 innings in 2005 (all in the minors),as he only ended up pitching 123 innings last year. Does this mean we’ll see more injuries this year? Maybe, maybenot. But the following pitchers do bear watching and perhaps discounting their value based on this increased workload.




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Some of the pitchers experienced injuries in 2005 (Cook, Hamels, Jennings,Olsen, Halladay, Padilla, Armas,Bedard,) so they should already have some discountbuilt into their prices to account for the injury history. Should this preclude them from the list?Probably not, since only one season separates them from a major injury, and coming back too quickly can hinder one’sperformance. Two of these pitchersmoved from relief to starting (Hensley, Madson)though they were both starters in the minors, so perhaps the effects ofincreased innings may not effect them as much, thoughpast history shows that’s not always the case.

The remaining players definitely bear watching and one is alreadyshowing warning signs of more trouble ahead.

  • Jered Weaver is experiencing issues with biceps tendonitis and, in fact, started his off-season workouts a couple weeks later to rest his shoulder.
  • Cole Hamels, with his history of injuries, definitely bears watching, though he’s hit the ground running this spring, along with a few other of the pitchers on this list.
  • Anibel Sanchez doesn’t have a history of arm problems, but has moved up through the ranks fairly quickly. His no-hitter last year is what’s really put him on the map, but his strikeout rate dropped after his promotion and his walk rate rose. Hopefully, missing AAA ball won’t delay his growth, but the Marlins have burned through more than their share of pitchers in the past
  • Sean Marshall was pressed into duties after injuries to various Cubs starters (surprise!), and didn’t do well. He racked up a bunch of innings, but hit the wall later in the season, and is now experiencing “fatigue” in his pitching shoulder. He’s expected to start the season in the minors, so hopefully, they’ll baby him a little more.
  • Justin Verlander burst onto the scene last year with teammate Joel Zumaya. Both were starters in the minors, but Verlander was shut down at the end of 2005 because of a shoulder issue. He earned a spot in the rotation in 2006 and after all was said and done ended up pitching 70 more innings than the previous year when you include the playoff run. Verlander, like Weaver, took extra time off in the offseason to rest, so he’s behind in getting ready for the season, and his spring stats have shown it. Don’t be surprised if he gets off to a slow start this year.
  • Gil Meche parlayed his 11-8 record with a 4.48 ERA and 1.43 WHIP into a $55 million deal with the Royals. If only we could all turn mediocrity into huge pay raises. Moving to the Royals certainly doesn’t make him a target of many fantasy owners this year, and certainly don’t expect the huge increase in innings to get this guy to the next level. In fact, he might even fade away into obscurity.

Hopefully, this article doesn’tsteer you completely away from these guys, but ideally it will readjust yourexpectations for some of them and prevent you from overpaying or overdrafting them. While these pitchers carry risk, sometimes taking on risk is the onlyway to be the last one standing at the end of the year.