Thursday, August 16, 2007

iPhone Bill as big as a phone book

There's a seperate clip where she actually mentions that the total bill is $274, including activation charges, taxes, etc. What created this huge bill is all the detail for the text messages she sent, which she says she averages about 35 thousand, THOUSAND, text messages a month. WTF??? At what point do you decide to never call anyone and just text them a conversation? That's an absurd amount of texting, I'm sorry. She's a blogger, and she doesn't use the internet? I just don't understand how that even happens. That's an average of over 1,000 text messages a day. how does she have time to do anything else?

The video is actually pretty good, and makes a decent point to switch to an ebill. I personally try and ebill as many bills as I can, and even with Sprint, I have them ebill me the summarized, not the detailed bill. For me, the more I can pay online the better off I am. I use a service called Checkfree that manages about a third of my bills. I wish it could handle more, but it requires the vendor to sign up with them, and not all companies have (PG&E being the one I'd like to add the most). I haven't written an actual check in a really long time, because even if I need to send a check, I go to my online banking and have them issue the check. It's been so long, that the last time I tried to write a check, I grab checks from a closed account. Doh!!

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