Friday, May 9, 2008


corkage, originally uploaded by Maltphoto.

I saw a photo like this in the background of a movie I was watching. I no longer remember which movie it was, but I like the concept very much. I'm also distracted when a movie has some really good bokeh. So much so, I sometimes have to back up a scene because I missed the dialog or action.

Anyways, I used a couple of corks from some of my favorite wines. The Jax label I discovered on a private wine tasting with some of our friends from the Junior League. It's a small boutique winery in Napa Valley and have a great wine maker in Kirk Venge. The Jax Cabernet is a phenomenal wine, and has made appearances on a few TV shows including Entourage on HBO.

The FogDog Pinot Noir is from the sister winery in Sonoma of Joseph Phelps. My wife and I love this wine so much, we often stop by the Winery just to pick up a bottle or two! It's a relatively new wine, the first vintage being the 2004. Currently, I believe you can only taste this wine at Phelps in Napa, but I think they're close to finishing up the tasting room for the winery in Sonoma. I highly recommend checking out both wineries. Phelps already has a stellar reputation, and is renowned for it's Insignia which is a cab blend, and well worth every penny (It retails for around $200), but I've found that every wine at Phelps has been of great quality and that's the main reason I'm a wine club member, because everything I get from them is stellar.

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