Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Best Photos of 2008

It's been a while since I've posted anything, largely due to the holidays, and the fact that I just didn't shoot as much in December as I would have liked. I do have a bunch of photos from Boston that need processing, but in the meantime, I'd thought I'd post a few of my best shots from 2008. Thanks to Jim Goldstein for this great blog project. Justin Korn has posted his top shots and Brian Auer has taken a month by month approach which is very interesting, and I'd like to do for 2009, material permitting.

I've created a set of my top photos over on Flickr. This has coincidentally tuerned out to be 20 photos, but I suspect I'll add a shot or two from my recent visit to Boston. There's several more photos that I'm very proud of, but they're not published on Flickr and they never will be. You can see a smattering of some of those in my portfolio set on my website in the Portfolio section. Almost all of those were taken this year and I'm hoping to take more in 2009, especially now that I've upgraded to the Canon 40D.

So here are a few photo's from the flickr set. Enjoy and I hope to have even more for my a look back at 2009!

HeirloomsNever Let You Go

Oakland Through a BART TrainHuntington Beach Pier

Golden Sunrise


Justin Korn said...

Great set on photos you've put together Andre! We've got to get together again sometime soon for some shooting.


I love these!! Good year I see!

MaltPhoto said...

Thanks guys! I'm really amazed at how I progressed this past year. Looking forward to more this year and mastering my 40D!

Justin - I'd love to join you on one of your neighborhood project shoots. Just need a little heads up next time!

Anonymous said...

you have a good collection of snaps,,,would wait for your efforts for images

Anonymous said...

Good topic

Anonymous said...

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